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The Name of the Game 

Local musician-producer Steve Fulton ends a decade of dearth with jam-packed Eponym

By Amy Atkins

It has been 11 years since Steve Fulton released a new album. Our patience has been rewarded.

It has been nearly 20 years since local band House of Hoi Polloi released an album, but band co-founder Steve Fulton still gets asked what the name means—and he still doesn't have a satisfying answer.

"I just liked the way it sounded," Fulton said laughing, though like with most of his creative choices, the decision wasn't really uninformed: hoi polloi is Greek for "the masses" and House of Hoi Polloi was a band for everyone. It worked hard to make sure "the masses" who came out to dance the night away to its rock/funk/ska reggae sound had fun.

He's right. Eponym says it all. Read the full interview here