24 Hours Left

24 HOURS LEFT! Woah! Crazy. Thank you all so much for supporting this campaign! I so appreciate it and can not WAIT to share all of this music with you! 

Here is a video done by Boise Rock School's Film Lab as part of Filmfort at the Treefort Music Festival. This  song, called 'Admissions'  will be recorded for the Eponym album! With Ned Evett and Dan Costello!

Ned Evett and Dan Costello and myself were the subjects in this session. It was so fun being able to help these kids out, being lucky enough to be a part of such great community events is part of why I love what I do!

Admissions is a song I just wrote and it’s one of my favorites right now, definitely part of the sound I am going for on Eponym. Plus, any day I get to hang out with these two guys is a good day!

This is it! The LAST 24 hours! Please feel free to share the news, the Perks and don’t forget the great Perks Party on April 17th!

Thank you for sharing in this adventure with me, I really am honored to have your support!