Hello Friends,

Where did the time go? Hot August nights have found me busy in the studio after everyone has gone home, mixing and mastering the vinyl edition of Eponym.  The great news is I’m 99% finished and it will be off to the manufacturer soon! Then it will be on to the next steps of mixing and tracking the rest of the dual CD. Check out this tidbit from a song titled Nickels & Dimes, this was the first time I added piano to the song, I ended up loving it!

I’m really proud and surprised by how the vinyl edition turned out, I’m so excited to share it. October seems so far away, although time flies when you’re having fun and I have no doubt,  when I blink my eyes, October will be here and it will be time to PARTY!! Adding to the excitement, KBSU has already been spinning some tunes from Eponym, HUGE thanks to Carl Scheider, such a great supporter to Idaho musicians. His show Idaho Music is a wonderful showcase of the talent we have in Idaho and airs every Saturday, check it out!

Speaking of party, the date has been set for Eponym’s release!  October 6th, 6pm @The Record Exchange. I am especially honored to release Eponym at our local music treasure trove. The Record Exchange always supports Idaho musicians and they are all around great people. I would LOVE to see you all there. 

There will also be an album release concert at The Sapphire Room on October 14th. The Sapphire Room is a great venue, not a bad seat in the house. Mark your calendars my friends, Eponym is COMING!

Thank you all once again, for allowing me this great journey.